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by Steven81

Posted on 09 Sep /

Powerful tablet, the effect lasts sometimes for several hours, with absolutely no discomfort. Much has been written in the instructions about side effects, but I never them myself did not feel, though Viagra regularly accept where the year and a half. Reliable drug, approached me.

by Gary Owen57

Posted on 11 Oct /

Still not lied advertising - a long erection at me from my youth was not, no discomfort does not deliver, and then read a lot in the internet on the high pressure and the like - did not feel anything, then sleep is not always the truth turns out immediately, but overall not disappointed, and his wife - so all happy :-)

by Victoria

Posted on 24 Oct /

The drug Viagra is one of the most popular drugs for potency. The product quality and high performance. It begins to act within an hour after application. It has a lot of side effects and contraindications, therefore before use should consult a doctor. Be healthy!

by Renny

Posted on 03 Nov /

Viagra tablets 50 mg, are suitable for the young, who have big problems with potency not, and Viagra need for greater self-confidence. Very often causes flushing, increased sweating, pulse quickens, but this is temporary and passes quickly.

by Sasha79

Posted on 05 Nov /

We all know that good sex water largely depends on the man, or rather on its potency. Sluggish "male" body turn love games in anguish and self-doubt. The slightest worry and fear of being a loser to women remain for years to come. Viagra tablets 100 mg rescued from it.