Erectile dysfunction and Obesity

American scientists in their studies have shown that people suffering from obesity, characterized by erection problems is 25 times more likely than people with normal weight. Complete men and women complain about the lack of sexual desire and experience difficulties during sexual intercourse. Many simply prefer to abstain.

Low self-esteem, being a psychological problem obese people, also contributes to the occurrence of sexual problems. The Company is well aware of the fact that obese people have a risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension. However, the relationship with the fullness of sexual disorders are rarely mentioned.

Beer lovers, have a beer belly, a great risk that they will arise impotence obesity causes a sharp hormonal imbalance and problems with erection. The level of male sex hormones becomes clearly insufficient for the emergence and maintenance of a normal erection. That's why impotence is one of the biggest problems of overweight people.

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The main factor causing the accumulation of excess weight - is energy imbalance, which consists in the fact that the energy intake of their costs do not correspond to each other. The most common cause of obesity is overeating and obesity can result from metabolic disorders. Hereditary predisposition, decreased physical activity, age, sex, occupational factors also play a role in this process.

Whatever forms of obesity and its stage of development, there are always disturbances of the endocrine system varying degrees, thus causing changes in the formulation of not only genital, and other hormones, and erectile dysfunction develops. Also, there is evidence that men who are obese are more likely to "earn" prostate cancer.

Changes in appearance and physical condition of people who are overweight raises a number of personal problems. Reduced sexual activity much more concerned not with the loss of sexual impulses, namely with their psycho-emotional state.

Medicine has proven that to burn extra kilograms and return to normal psychological state, you should actively pursue sex life. Active sex life - it's not only more exercise, it is also improving the emotional state and the normalization of hormonal balance. The level of testosterone in men increases with the frequency of ejaculations.

Superfluous kgs lead to a substantial reduction in the quality and quantity of sperm, sometimes bringing it to a complete infertility. Therefore, any violations of the reproductive capacity of obese men should serve as the first symptom, which is necessary to consult a doctor urologist andrologist and deliver semen analysis.

In men, obesity treatment of erectile dysfunction, in addition to treatment of urological problems and normalize the erection should be directed not only to the treatment of impotence, but also in the treatment of weight loss.

Erectile dysfunction in obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure is called the metabolic syndrome, in which its flow deteriorates. Treatment of impotence and obesity urologist andrologist should be carried out in parallel, as both cause depression in a patient, and only contributes to poor prognosis of treatment.

Reduce the weight of men diet alone is almost impossible, because the food is for men has a much greater social significance than for women. Therefore, erectile dysfunction in men with obesity requires a comprehensive weight-loss methods.


What men with erectile dysfunction?

The first thing that needs to be done to the man who found himself erection problems - it is not to be nervous and to analyze its possible causes. If the causes are fatigue and heavy loads, it is necessary to find a way to relax and to change the way of life. A better solution would be to forget the distress and seek medical help to urologist andrologist could clarify the causes and nature of the disease.

In that case, when erectile dysfunction is psychogenic origin, counseling therapist and physiotherapy treatments are included in the treatment. The ideal case is such, when the treatment of erectile dysfunction is carried urologist andrologist closely with the sexologist - a psychiatrist, who have specialized in the treatment of psychosexual deviations.

If impotence is caused by other diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc..), The treatment of impotence begin with treatment of the underlying disease.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction is possible using a number of specific techniques which urologist androlog assigns strictly individually, in particular, for example, treatment of local negative pressure influence.

This method uses a special device in the tank that creates a negative pressure that causes the effect of the appearance of erection, in which is possible to make a sexual act. This procedure is painless and can be carried out to the patient at home. However, the use of such a device is shown, not all, as there are some contraindications, can be required urologist andrologist.

Also, treatment of impotence is carried out by injection into the cavernous body of the penis just before intercourse, thus achieving stable erections, but pick up a preparation for injection and to evaluate the possibility of using this technique can only urologist andrologist.

By itself, this method is far from usability - it's not every man has enough strength of will to carry out an injection into his own penis. In addition, such an injection can not hold more than once a week, and another drawback is the large number of complications, including hardening of the tissues of the penis.

Erectile dysfunction is treated and other similar method on the action - introducing into the urethra intrauretralnogo candles 20 minutes before sexual intercourse. After erection of the holds, usually about 1 hour. The effectiveness of this method is generally high, but it has drawbacks - inconvenience of use and the high cost of drugs.

Medication is prescribed only for individual indications. Comprising such treatment in the appointment of additional drugs that enhance the overall tone of the body and stimulates blood circulation in the penile blood vessels. Useful is the use of tinctures tonic plants - golden root, Eleutherococcus, ginseng, preparations on the basis of deer antlers.

Do not resort to drugs, allowing to achieve short-term erections. Despite the fact that the very common opinion on their effectiveness, in reality they often turn out to be useless, it has no effect on the causes of erectile dysfunction. More appropriate is a long-term and planned fight against impotence, including adherence to a healthy lifestyle, exercise, proper diet and mode of mind in relation to the problem.

If there are related genital diseases, the simultaneous treatment of impotence must be treated by a urologist from them. Thus, for example, may cause impotence, inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system. And when the causes of erectile dysfunction are the other diseases, treatment should begin with treatment of the underlying disease. For example, diabetes and cardiovascular disease often cause problems with erectile dysfunction, endocrine disorder, erectile dysfunction is caused by the hormonal system. Impotence can also be a consequence of pathological glands of male reproductive system and genitalia injuries.

In many cases, erectile dysfunction is transient in nature and can be cured if the cause is properly installed, and the patient carefully observes the individual recommendations urologist andrologist. In difunktsii erectile psychogenic origin is a specific feature - in some cases it disappears by itself. Most often, such a sudden and independent "cure" may occur if the duration of erection problems is small - no more than 3 years. Experts attribute this effect to the fact that a man has reduced the level of stress, but the all-time still feel the need to consult a doctor to avoid possible serious health problems and his men as quickly as possible recovery.

Psychogenic erectile dysfunction

Erection can be attributed to a simple reaction muzhckoy sexual physiology. This function is based on just two mechanisms: vascular and neurogenic. What is surprising, in this case among other psychosexual disorders, erectile dysfunction is the most common problem.

The process of erection for men - a fact that has certainly more important than the sexual act itself. Consequently, the slightest violation of erectile function is not the patient perceives as a single problem, but as evidence of impotency as a whole.

Erectile dysfunction in various manifestations can occur in men at any age. The most common problem is the impossibility of entering the penis into the vagina. For more rare manifestations include the weakening of erection during sexual intercourse attempt to close. Frequent are also situations when a man to achieve an erection is possible only if there is some specific situations and conditions.

According to available European and American studies, has the following data: the phenomenon of erectile dysfunction recorded more than 80 million men around the world under the age of 40 years. The number of men over the age of maturity, with similar problems twice.

Not to be confused with psychogenic erectile dysfunction one-time erectile dysfunction (weakness or lack of it at some point). Isolated cases of impotence often occur for many reasons. These factors include stress, anxiety, tension, inappropriate conditions, the psychological characteristics of the relationship with the sexual partner. Fixation on the experience of his failures and persistent thoughts about its possible repetition, may be the cause of diseases of psychogenic erectile dysfunction and, ultimately, psychogenic impotence.

Failures in male sexual function is very often provoked by psychogenic problems. The most common form of the so-called true anticipation of failure syndrome. A single case of sexual impotence leads to a reduction or disappearance of an erection, as well as experiences about their "male power". Fears may increase in anticipation of sexual contact, with complete loss of erection. Fires psychological principle, which is based on self-hypnosis: the more intense fears of data, the more likely their implementation. Over time, there are serious problems with the appearance and durability of erection, and as a consequence - psychogenic impotence. In the future, it often provokes the complete loss of interest in sexual relations as such, the loss of faith in the man's own worth.

In an attempt to overcome the uncertainty, a man can turn sex into a set of "rescue" ritual: he can not concentrate on anything other than cautious monitoring and evaluation of the reaction of the organism, as a result of further suppressing the possibility of a full erection and exacerbating the problem of psychogenic dysfunction.

  • A vicious circle;

  • eak erection;

  • fear of failure;

  • control feelings and reactions during sexual intercourse;

  • the weakening and disappearance of erection;

  • guilt and increased fear of failure;

  • psychogenic erectile dysfunction

It should be possible to break this cycle faster, or erectile dysfunction is continuously reinforced and strengthened. Only an experienced urologist, together with a psychologist can help the patient with this disease.

Treatment of psychogenic impotence

Treatment of impotence (erectile dysfunction treatment) psychogenic based on a combination psihoterapeticheskih and pharmacological methods. The role of the therapist is to help the patient overcome feelings of anxiety and fear of sexual contact. Urologist or therapist prescribed drugs: as symptomatic means - tranquilizers to help the patient briefly to get rid of the feeling of anxiety, as well as homeopathic drugs, the positive effect of which is based on the so-called "placebo effect."

Today, with the development of science and medicine, there were also a number of medications - inhibitors of PDE-5 type. They have been successfully used in different types of erectile dysfunction, regardless of the causes of the violation. Most often, the urologist appoints similar drugs with symptoms of erectile dysfunction vascular nature. But psychogenic erectile dysfunction is subject to the successful treatment of inhibitors.

PDE-5 inhibitors such as are both a therapeutic agent for impotence psychological nature, and effective means of psychological protection. Given the strong sexual attraction, the drug provides a powerful vascular effect and minimizes the risk of possible failure. Therefore urologist naznaet drugs PDE5 flesh to the complete elimination of psychogenic disorders. Effect of inhibitors can be termed as symptomatic and pathogenetic. Along with the course of treatment inhibitors need psychotherapy because the fear of failure is able to minimize the effect of even such a powerful tool - and psychological erectile dysfunction will soon return.

Often, the use of inhibitors is common in situations where the true disorder has not yet appeared, but there are certain preconditions of sexual impotence: the increased loads, frequent change of partners, depression, fatigue. Keep in mind that the course has the right to appoint inhibitors urologist only after internal consultation and a thorough examination of the patient. In the event that psychotherapeutic and pharmacological treatment for impotence psychogenic nature did not lead to a persistent positive results, the patient is recommended falloprotezirovanie.