Prolongation of sexual intercourse is an actual problem for many modern men. In order to properly understand the methods of eliminating an unpleasant problem, it is necessary to establish correctly the cause of the disturbance in the sexual system. The cause may be the psychological state of the patient. In this case, you need to seek help from a psychologist. It is impossible to establish such a pathological factor independently. This can only be done by an experienced specialist.

It is also necessary to take into account various hidden problems. There are many diseases that cause a violation of potency and shorten the sexual act. Many patients also do not suspect that some quite common pathologies cause this complication...

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Buckwheat or buckwheat, as it is often called at home, is considered one of the most useful products that is available in every home. From it cook porridge or cook garnishes, add to soups, etc. Due to the taste qualities buckwheat groats enjoy the nationwide love. The obvious advantage of buckwheat, which is rich in microelements and vitamins, is indisputable.

People who are prone to vegetarianism, the dishes from buckwheat are present in the diet necessarily, and their nutritional value is equated with legumes.

Since buckwheat in boiled form is low in caloric content (≈100-110 kcal), it is often included in dietary rations

In the opinion of dietitians, regular consumption of cereals in food will help to avoid a variety of pathologies in the system of blood vessels, heart, as well as vio...

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The crisis of 30 years for men is a kind of turning point in life. About the interval from 30 to 35 years can be said as a certain line dividing life in half. This is due to the transition of a man from youth to maturity. Statistical studies have shown that such shocks affect every second man, regardless of status and financial situation. Not surprisingly, at this time, most of the representatives of the stronger sex feel the need to summarize, to draw parallels between the planned and achieved. Here also the problems begin …

Why does he come?

An analysis of the life path, a look from within to their own defeats and victories lead to a strong gender on the idea that he and his entourage are far from ideal. At this time in the soul of a man there is a rift in 2 parts...

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The use of raisins for men is undeniable. This product helps the work of many important body systems. It is also useful for potency. Also, raisins are a source of various vitamins and trace elements. All these substances help to support men’s health.

Vitamin-mineral level of the product

Raisins is a useful product due to its composition. It includes such important substances as:

  • Vitamins of group B;
  • Iron;
  • Arginines;
  • Calcium.

B vitamins are necessary for the body for the proper functioning of the nervous system. They normalize the transmission of the nerve impulse to the muscle tissue. The fabric under its influence retains its elasticity. Also, B vitamins are necessary for the good functioning of nerve endings.

Iron is an important microelement for the circulatory system...

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Erection problems are the most common problem in men. This disorder is more or less present in 40 percent of men of reproductive age.

Causes of problems with potency

It is necessary to divide the problems with potency into several groups and deal with them: physiological problems, psychological and external.

Physiological causes

With physiological problems, everything is simple. Erectile dysfunction can lead to diseases, among which are diseases of the prostate gland, diabetes, various injuries of the nerves, spinal cord and brain. Particular attention is paid to the nervous system, since damage to certain areas leads to disturbances in the erection...

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