About the pathogenic effects of masturbation before (up to the 60s of the early 70s of the XX century), wrote a lot and almost all those who touched on this topic. The opinion about sinfulness and its extreme harm existed for several centuries. In the Christian world, the idea of ​​sinfulness of onanism was promoted by the spread of the worldview of a number of theologians. In this connection, in particular, Augustine (4th century AD) was mentioned, who believed that every sexual act and ejaculation should be carried out naturally and have as its goal the conception. Since masturbation did not lead to procreation, it was classified as a sinful act.

The opinion about the sinfulness of masturbation, which used to be called masturbation much earlier, was also supported by the fact that Onan’s biblical character, whose name the origin of the term “masturbation” is connected with, is not obeyed the existing law. However, as V.I. Zdravomyslov et al. The term “masturbation” is semantically wrong. According to the Jewish law, the levirate of marriage, Onan had to live sexually with the widow of his elder brother. However, he did not want her to become pregnant, and did not allow intravaginal ejaculation during sexual intercourse, pouring the seed to the ground. Thus, it was not about masturbation, but about interrupted sexual intercourse (coitus interruptus).

He analyzes the problem in detail. Andrianov [1], who for this purpose refers to the Bible, which makes it possible to understand why Onan poured the seed on the ground. Genesis, ch. 38: 6. And Judas took the wife of Iro, his first-born; Her name is Tamar. 7. Er, the firstborn of Judah, was evil in the sight of the LORD, and the LORD slew him. 8. And Judah said to Onan: Go in to your brother’s wife, marry her like a brother-in-law, and restore seed to your brother. 9. Onan knew that the seed would not be him; And therefore, when he went in to his brother’s wife, he poured out on the ground, so as not to give seed to his brother. 10. Evil was before the eyes of the Lord that which he did; And He also killed him. ” Thus, the Bible does not contain indications of the sinfulness of masturbation.

However, the idea of ​​her sinfulness, which was proclaimed by some theologians, led to the emergence of a social order. This social order consisted in recognizing masturbation not just as a sin, as some moral category, but also for what should be punished, i.e. To pay off something quite tangible, namely various diseases. Then everything went according to the usual scenario. For the implementation of this social order zealously took the physicians. The variety of harmful effects of masturbation, which was named by them, surpasses the most daring and unbridled fantasies.

Among these consequences, in addition to sexual weakness, which, as pointed out in particular, can be caused by the defeat of spinal centers of erection and ejaculation, lack of faith in one’s own strength, cowardice, shyness, decreased efficiency, mental capacity and independence, impaired ability to concentrate, indecisiveness, Gloominess, capriciousness, touchiness, isolation, depression, desire for solitude and avoidance communication, physical and mental exhaustion, skin color changes, the appearance of acne, an increase in one or both breasts in boys aged 12-18 years, pollutions, prostatea (secretion of the prostatic secretion), spermatorrhoea (involuntary separation of the seed), enhanced secretion of the Cooper gland secretion And Littra, which can occur even with the slightest sexual arousal, paraphimosis (most often with a narrow opening of the prepuce sack), balanoposthitis (inflammation of the scalp and foreskin due to frequent friction of the tender Gland penis and foreskin), atonic and flabby prostate, congestive prostatitis, colliculitis (inflammation of the seminal tubercle), “special nasty odor”, emanating from chronic onanists, general weakness, memory loss, apathy, irritability, neurasthenia and in general severe neuroses , Migraine, neuralgia, weight loss, epilepsy, blurred vision and even blindness, “softening of the brain”, dry spinal cord, progressive paralysis, various types of insanity, lethargy, sexuality perverted in men (in the form of homosexuality, zoo Filia and fetishism) and even premature death. However, the negative effects of masturbation were far from exhausted only by the above.

Fear of the consequences of masturbation led to the use of preventive measures of a dietary and hygienic nature. So, those who engaged in masturbation, should not have consumed hot sauce, spirits, oysters, salt, pepper, fish, jam, chocolate, ginger beer and coffee, because they were believed to irritate the nervous system and increase sexual desire. In addition, the same purpose recommended the exclusion of tight clothing (tight pants and trousers) and coarse sheets, which, it was believed, could provoke masturbation. Also, on the recommendation of doctors used wrapping with wet sheets, dipping in cold water, tying hands to the back of the bed and night straitjackets. In search of more effective measures in the United States (XIX century), grids, locks and belts resembled medieval chastity belts that prevented the ability to touch their genitals. They could be locked up in a lock, the key of which was kept by the parents. All this was put on a “serious scientific” basis, as it was accompanied by the issuance of patents to the inventors of these devices.

For teenagers and adult men, a rather agonizing device was also constructed. It was spiked from within with sharp spines tube. When she dressed for a member, then when an erection occurred, these spines simply began to stab him. At the beginning of the 20th century, in the United States, to prevent masturbation, metal gloves were used that wore children in their arms, bells that were in the parents’ room and rang when the child began to masturbate, as well as a special alarm system that warned parents about rocking a baby crib. More resolute measures were also proposed: excision of the foreskin (circumcision), application of leeches on the genitalia to eliminate the sexual desire for hyperemia, their cauterization by electric current or red-hot iron to destroy the corresponding nerves, which led to a decrease in sensitivity and lust. Extreme measures that were very popular in the US to combat masturbation in the 1850s and 1860s were castration and removal of the clitoris.

Of interest is the message M.I. Good about a 51-year-old patient who was subjected in early childhood to anti-masturbatory measures, the final chord of which was “clitorectomy.” The latter led to the traumatic consequences. In fact, the removal of the clitoris was imaginary, which did not prevent this “removal” of the pathogenic effect on the patient’s psyche, since “false memory of shock injury” can represent true traumatic effects. J. Stengers and A. Van Neck – authors of the book The History of the Great Terror, describing the attitude to masturbation, which prevailed earlier, report that trips to a brothel and / or early marriage began Necessary to help boys avoid the horrendous consequences of masturbation, which included gonorrhea, malnutrition, impotence and death.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, there was a doubt that masturbation is the cause of various diseases. This led to a gradual accumulation of statistics, which indicated that a large majority of people engaged in masturbation. From this it was possible to conclude that if most people who masturbate do not develop insanity, impotence and they do not die early, masturbation can not be held responsible for the origin of these adverse events that are attributed to its consequences.

However, in the first third of the 20th century, masturbation was still treated with great fear. So, in 1918 G. Wood, E. Ruddock, describing those who engaged in masturbation, wrote that it can lead to shyness and shyness, avoiding the society of people of the opposite sex. The face of masturbant is prone to pallor, often there are bluish or purplish circles under the eyes, while the eyes themselves look sad and lifeless. The edges of the eyelids often become red and inflamed. A person can not look into the eyes of others, omit them or turn away from the gaze of another person, as if in some way guilty. Health soon deteriorates noticeably. General weakness develops, slower growth of the lower extremities, nervousness and tremor of hands, memory loss and inability to learn, restless behavior, weakness of the eyes, their inflammation and blindness, headache and insomnia, stupidity, exhaustion of the body, spinal cord injury, involuntary discharge of seed, All energy or spirit, insanity and idiocy – a hopeless destruction of both body and soul. Few, perhaps, ever thought about how the authors continue, how many inmates of psychiatric hospitals got there because of this terrible blemish. Further, they note that knowledge about the harm of a characterized defect is likely to alarm both parents and its victims even more than the fear of cholera or smallpox.

In 1930, one of the reputable physicians warned against the danger of masturbation, which, in particular, can result in rope climbing, bicycle riding or torsion of a sewing machine. He insisted that this path leads to dementia and premature old age, loss of spirit, loss of memory, dependence, apathy, irritability, headaches, neuralgia, impaired vision, etc. In 1940, the text “Children and adolescent illnesses” was published, which spoke of the absolute harm of masturbation. It is suggested that, most likely, the general reason for the prohibition of masturbation at all times was the desire to increase population growth.

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