From time immemorial, the norms of sexual behavior for different categories of people were divided into belonging to one or another culture, but even within the same culture, there were differences. The most common of these differences is the standard, i.e., different norms of sexual behavior for men and women.

The ideal of “eternal femininity” of bourgeois morality of the XIX century. there were arguments the woman should be gentle, beautiful, soft, affectionate, but at the same time massive and dependent, allowing the man to feel towards her strong, energetic and prosperous. These feminine qualities are still highly appreciated today, forming the core of the man’s understanding of femininity, but in the female self-awareness, new features also appeared...

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Normal human psychosexual behavior is the result of the combined action of natural data and upbringing. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish the quantitative and qualitative aspects of sexuality.

The quantitative, or energy, side of sexuality is measured by the strength, duration and frequency of sexual reactions. GS Vasilchenko, giving her a system description and interpretation, calls her “the sexual constitution of the individual”, which he defines as a set of stable biological properties that are formed under the influence of hereditary factors and conditions of development in the prenatal period and early ontogeny; the sexual constitution limits the range of individual needs at a certain level of sexual activity and characterizes the individual resistance to pathogenic factors t...

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Attempts to give a universal definition of sexual health were undertaken by many researchers. However, most of them were not successful. This is due to the fact that in each culture there are specific features in attitudes, perceptions and assessments of sexuality. Cultural identity should be taken into account when developing programs for health education, primary prevention of sexual disharmony, psychotherapy counseling and treatment.

One of the attempts made to determine sexual health was experts of the World Health Organization. It sounds like this:

Sexual health is a complex of somatic, emotional, intellectual and social aspects of a person’s sexual existence, positively enriching a person, increasing the communicability of a person and his ability to love.

The concept of sexual healt...

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If the ejaculation of a man has already begun, then no effort of will to stop it is impossible. But you can delay her offensive. For this, sexologists recommend several methods that can help to overcome premature ejaculation on their own.

First, there are special creams and “brake ointments” (dicainic, novocainic), which lubricates the glans penis, thereby reducing its sensitivity, and the excitement increases more slowly, and ejaculation is delayed. But the partner must always wear a condom, otherwise the ointment will reduce the sensitivity of female genital organs.

Secondly, a man, feeling that he is already very excited, can suspend frictions, wait a little, so that the excitement decreases slightly, and then resume them again. And so several times...

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Ejaculation disorders are one of the most common sexual disorders in men. Complaints about the duration of sexual intercourse are made by more than half of the patients who turn to sexopathologists. Many men who do not contact doctors, but who are concerned about the duration of the sexual act (that is, the time from the introduction of the penis into the vagina and the beginning of frictions before ejaculation). According to A. Bova, E. Savina, these men are from 45 to 56%.

Ejaculation can be early (before the introduction of the penis in the vagina), premature, or accelerated (if the man can not prolong sexual intercourse for more than one minute), and difficult (delayed), in which the sexual intercourse is protracted and ejaculation (and, consequently, orgasm, sexual satisfaction) may n...

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To sex therapists with complaints of sexual dysfunction disorders (sexual dysfunction) are most often addressed by people of young and middle age – from 25 to 45 years.

Disorders of the sexual function of men can occur in severe form, which leads to mental depression, a decrease in self-esteem, loss of self-confidence, not only as a sexual partner, but also as a person. Sexual dysfunctions lead to a decrease in working capacity, violations of intra-family relationships and even the disintegration of the family.

About the sexual disorders, many men turn to doctors, who in the past with potency were all right, and they are looking for a sex therapist to help their sexual functions recover. Often the initiator of a referral to the doctor is the patient’s wife.

Another category of patients are...

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The modern follower of the teachings of the Tao of love Zhang Zhonglan compares impotence with colds – unpleasant and annoying, but there is nothing to fear, and it is easy to warn if a man knows how to do it. “If men perceived impotence as prosaically as a cold,” he writes, “it would be much less. The only case of temporary impotence can activate a man deep seated fear of constant impotence. “

The most important thing that every man should know, regardless of what his potency is, is that erectile dysfunction is completely overcome, if it has psychological reasons...

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If you still have problems with erection, you are intermittent, but before each sexual act you are afraid that you can fail, and you can not communicate, then some tips will not hurt you.

First tip – stop thinking about the penis and erection, do not control the condition of your penis, neither visually (with a look) nor physiologically – listening to your sensations, swelling penis. Forget both the penis and the erection.

The second tip – do not be afraid to make new mistresses. With a new partner you can do everything much better than with the old one, who already knows about your weak erection. With a sexual neurosis, as described above, the more a man is attached to his partner, the more likely that he will have a paradoxical reaction. With a new partner, there can be a normal erection...

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Premature psychosexual development is the early development of sexuality, which outstrips average age norms and puberty.

The cause of premature psychosexual development may be a congenital or early-childhood lesion of deep brain structures, which is manifested by a decrease in the threshold of excitability of the nerve structures that provide ejaculation and orgasm. This is the background that contributes to the consolidation of the negative effects of mental and social factors.

Premature psychosexual development can be and with some mental illnesses – the so-called psychogenically accelerated acceleration of psychosexual development. At the same time, sexual attraction is ahead of other manifestations of sexuality...

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The delay in psychosexual development is manifested in the fact that the timing of the onset of sexuality lags behind the age of the child.

This may be due to biological causes, for example, lag in sexual development. One of the causes is a disruption of the endocrine system. In severe disorders, for example, with congenital agonadism (underdevelopment of the sexual glands), it is possible to have asexuality – complete loss of sexual components in the mental development of the personality. This is the most profound and difficultly corrected delay in psychosexual development.

The delay in psychosexual development can be caused by disturbances in the development of the psyche, for example, with a general lag in mental development...

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