How to increase the potency of 60 year old

Old age - at rest and memories for women but not for men. They, in contrast to the fairer sex, the age of 60 retain a hefty margin "of gunpowder in the locker," and in the same way as young people crave the bright full life. Sex, it should take not last place, because the man even in this advanced age may well become a father again (such cases - not uncommon). If it were not for one "but" - a gradual weakening of potency.

The peculiarity of the male body is that in old age, 60 or even 70 years, the state of their reproductive system is just as well-coordinated mechanism, as well as in adulthood. However, in the sexual glands is already fading processes occur. Thus, the erection does not occur with the appearance of thoughts about sex, but only after a thorough stimulation of erogenous zones, and even the penis in a state of full erection does not reach those dimensions that were aged 20-30 years. Several smaller volume gain and testicles.

All of these signs does not testify to the impotence. Rather, it is a sign that the man was older. However, in many situations, after overcoming a threshold in man of 60 years become familiar "misses" in the bed: erection can be strong enough for sexual intercourse, the sensitivity of the penis may be reduced so that will not be able to achieve orgasm, or it will not be enough bright and long, sexual intercourse can result in very quickly because of premature ejaculation.

In addition, men by age 70 can do lose interest in sex because of the constant feeling of fatigue. Sound the alarm on this occasion comes to mind is not all, for example, the category of men who feel good and without an intimate relationship. If the desire is there, and the ability to carry it out is absent, you can think about how to improve potency.


In what direction to go

Before starting the treatment of impotence age, a man must be at least in general terms, to understand its causes. So, if for young people, who just turned 30 years, the main risk to lose potency lies in psychological disorders and infectious and inflammatory illnesses of the urogenital area, then after 60 years the leading position occupied by causes such as cardiovascular disease and prostate disease. This means that an improvement in potency will depend entirely on the treatment of major diseases.

No less important factor of impotence at this age - a natural decrease in testosterone levels. Strengthen the synthesis of the hormone under the force of any hormone replacement therapy or taking stimulants, working to improve the activity of the gonads. By the way, their role is complementary to good folk remedies for recovery, which can be as usual medication purchased at the pharmacy.

Increased potency in 60 years - highlights

Despite the established opinion about the potency in men in old age, it is possible to recover completely even without the use of stimulants known as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra. By the way, these drugs often have adverse effects on the cardiovascular system, and after their application may happen attack of hypertension.

The basis of therapy for impotence aged 60 years or more is a comprehensive package of measures, each item of which is considered essential. The most effective methods of its removal as follows:

1.The treatment of existing chronic diseases and the necessary medication, if needed, by surgery. Particular attention should be paid to diseases of the endocrine system - diabetes, hypothyroidism, and liver disease and prostate cancer, atherosclerosis.

2.Compliance with special diets, which allows for enhanced blood circulation, not only in the genital organs, but also throughout the body, as well as lower blood cholesterol and saturate it with oxygen, minerals, trace elements and vitamins. It is important to remember that age-appropriate nutrition - a good remedy for many diseases.

3.Physical activity with maximum involvement in the process of pelvic muscles. There are many exercises that can be easily performed in the home without special training. In most cases, it is recommended Kegel exercises for. It is practiced not only in impotence, but also in other disorders of the pelvic organs.

4.Normalization of sexual activity. Yes, strange as it may sound, but in order to increase potency, it is necessary to train. This does not mean that sex should occur strictly by the calendar or three times a week. Suffice it to avoid too long breaks between intimate contacts. If they happen at intervals of one and a half weeks, is to adhere to this "schedule" all the time.

5.Treatment of major diseases and folk remedies for impotence - decoctions, tinctures, ointments and candles, which include herbs, honey and other "live" products. Prepare drug can be at home, or buy a ready-made organic medicine at the pharmacy. The first option is preferable, since the purchase of a mixture of herbs, for example, can not be completely sure of its authenticity and naturalness.

Not less than medications for older men and useful psychological impact. Even despite the fact that 60 years of age psychological disease rarely cause of impotence, such situations are still taking place.

Therapeutic diets

Comprehensive treatment of impotence is unthinkable without dieting. In men, after 60 years, several reduced demand for animal proteins and carbohydrates, and all this must be considered when drawing up the menu. Erection, they want to raise the majority of men in old age, good strengthening in the use of the following products:

  • Fruits and berries in fresh form (up to 200 g per day) - they contain the necessary minerals to the body, and vitamin complexes;

  • Vegetables, green and mostly belong to the family of Cruciferae;

  • Nuts, especially pistachios, walnuts and Brazil combined with dried fruit and honey - a very good tool to increase potency;

  • Grains and legumes, especially if there is diabetes;

  • Rich in omega-3 fatty acid-rich fish, preferably sea;

  • Dairy products and cheeses.

To maintain or improve its potency, should adjust their diet. Foods such as eggs, fatty meats, cream, are contraindicated for women in old age. They contain cholesterol, which is detrimental impact on potency.

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Changes in the concentrations of hormones and the structure of the penis

According to studies conducted in the US, after the 60th year of life in the blood of men is significantly reduced levels of testosterone (a hormone called "male hormone" responsible for the emergence of libido and sexual desire), and increased levels of female hormones. However, according to recent studies, changes in hormone concentration, appearing with age in healthy men are not so significant, as earlier believed.

A significant impact on the appearance of erectile dysfunction have a change of elasticity of the collagen fibers forming a white layer (film, enveloping the body of the penis). Studies downloaded from the penis fragments showed progressive changes with age in these fibers.

Furthermore, 35% of men over 60 years of life smooth muscle atrophy occurs, which also consists of the male member.

It is also noted that the replacement of collagen II III collagen can also lead to erectile dysfunction, as it reduces the flexibility and sensitivity of the corpora cavernosa. It is suspected that the collagen replacement can cause smooth muscle ischemic changes that would directly impair erectile function of the penis.

Changes in the functioning of the penis

With age, the penis occur numerous physiological and biochemical changes. Studies have shown that a decrease in penis sensitivity to mechanical stimulation of the penis. Decreases as the number of neurons containing nitric oxide synthase (NO). There is also a reduced blood flow in the corpora cavernosa, when administered 10 micrograms of prostaglandin E1.

Age itself, according to the available studies is not a risk factor for erectile dysfunction. With age, the increasing number of diseases in the population. Diseases, other than age, are the most important factor in the occurrence of impotence.

An example would be the primary hypertension. Its occurrence decreases the total amount of NO - substances necessary for an erection. As noted above, NO to the penis number decreases with age as a result of the decreased activity of the enzyme synthesizing NO.

How to prolong the sexual activity of men?

To maintain good physical shape, and interest in life, you have all the time to look after themselves: eating moderately, move more, to observe the correct mode, give up cigarettes and alcohol. Of great importance to the intimate life of a man "aged" have a relationship with his wife, the love and support her. It has been found that couples who in old age gently and lovingly relate to each other, longer retain sexual activity. Enormous harm the health of boys cause those women who, under various pretexts evade intimacy. Each sexual arousal a man must receive the discharge. Not even very long-term abstinence from sexual intercourse is all irretrievably broken. Remember that sex in old age helps to relieve stress, strengthens the heart and blood circulation, helps with insomnia, burns extra calories and generally prolongs life.

People say that if men have problems with potency, it is necessary to change a woman. But is this really so? Who said that another woman will be better? After living with his partner a certain time, you know all its advantages and weaknesses, so that they themselves will be able to smooth things over by making his companion an ally, not an enemy.

As evidenced by experience, attempts to start an extramarital life and often end in failure. A man has to work "on two fronts". On the one hand, it tries to maintain the appearance of well-being in the family, and on the other - it is necessary to allocate not only the time for his passion, but also the material means. This fee can be as a result of excessive, including in the neuro-psychological terms. Accordingly, it does not contribute to good condition, or mental or physiological, and, of course, all this reduces the sexual force.

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When waiting for trouble?

If a man leads a healthy lifestyle, carefully watching his diet and also exercise, the risk of problems is reduced by a few percent in the functioning of the reproductive system. But the presence of dangerous bad habits, lack of physical activity and poor diet can cause an early reduction in potency. Scientists have repeatedly carried out research as to what age can come impotence, and got quite unexpected results. Young people from twenty to thirty years, the risk of sexual dysfunction is twenty-one percent! Hard to believe that this is possible, but the fact remains. At the age of forty-impotence affects about twenty-seven percent of men. With a probability of forty-eight percent of this problem may be faced by men who are about to celebrate fifty. But when nearing the age of sixty, the impotency is a natural process and comes with a probability of fifty-three percent.

Scientists have repeatedly carried out research as to what age can come impotence, and got quite unexpected results. Young people from twenty to thirty years, the risk of sexual dysfunction is twenty-one percent! Hard to believe that this is possible, but the fact remains. At the age of forty-impotence affects about twenty-seven percent of men. With a probability of forty-eight percent of this problem may be faced by men who are about to celebrate fifty. But when nearing the age of sixty, the impotency is a natural process and comes with a probability of fifty-three percent.

As can be seen, decreased sexual function depends not only on age. Impotence may occur in twenty and forty years under certain circumstances. This suggests that men should be more serious about their health and do not neglect a visit to the doctor.

Why impotence can begin?

First of all, you must understand how bad habits can affect sexual function in men. After all, virtually none festive table or a bright event in life can not do without drinking alcohol. However, excessive use of not only results in a gradual fading of potency, but also increases the level of the body of the female hormone estrogen. If at younger ages alcohol glass only enhances the desire, the older a man becomes, the more disturbed sex life after drinking. Nicotine is no less dangerous to the health and functioning of the reproductive organs. During smoking significantly narrowed vessels, which prevents the normal rush of blood to the penis during erection.

Most men are absolutely not watching their weight and do not worry about it. But it is in vain, because obesity leads to a sharp extinction potency, because the body simply can not cope with the loads imposed on it. Moreover, in some cases, over-eating causes of diabetes, which adversely affects the erection.

With age, the regularity of sexual intercourse is rapidly declining, and it is really dangerous for potency. In order for men's health is not in jeopardy, requires regular intimacy. When it comes to sex, we should not forget about the diseases of the genital organs. The stronger sex often forgets that it is necessary at least twice a year to see a doctor and be tested for the presence of sexually transmitted diseases. This applies particularly to young people, who tend to the relationship for one night.